Born and raised outside Chicago and now native to San Diego for more then 16 years, Melissa is a fun loving beach girl at heart.  She will win you over with her ability to "dance to the music being played" as she is intuitive and malleable to many different personalities.  Melissa started her journey in San Diego as a professional ballerina with the San Diego City Ballet.  She then fulfilled her dreams of family and home with a son and marriage.  Turning once again to fitness as a reconnection to mind body health, Melissa chose a certification in Pilates and Barre Fitness.  While pushing through tough times with a health issue, she then chose to become a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and massage therapist.  Opening up a true gateway to her potential, Melissa found Reiki and Intuitive healing to be her passion and route of continued study.  During schooling, her interest brought her in alignment with Fawn Parliman and the Ananda Rei School of Reiki.  Afterward she chose to continue her Level 1 and 2 with a Master Certification and apprenticeship with Fawn herself.  Melissa now enjoys working with those who are stepping into their own truely innate perfection with the Healing Light Wellness Room.  She is very excited to join the Natchurale Wellness Collective with like-minded, holistic, and unified peers.

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