Erin Nicole

Born mountain dwelling hippie, turned world-traveling military engineering service-woman, Erin Nicole is a fun loving, multicultural integrative hair specialist. She holds an Associates in Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Health Marketing and Communications. Erin Nicole is always positive and looking for new opportunities to grow and learn with a well-rounded focus on helping people feel good inside and out. With a deep understanding of the diverse needs that people require, Erin Nicole strives to meet those goals with diverse continued education.

Whether a simple trim, a drastic change, hi-light, extensions or replacement needs Erin Nicole is waiting with many ideas to meet any client’s needs. Erin Nicole is an on-location expert. She creates memorable events for her clients such as weddings, evenings out, prom and film- bringing her skills in air-brush make-up and creative hair design to make the moments unforgettable.

Now over 17 years in the business of beauty Erin Nicole is now an innovative beauty educator, energy healing practitioner, international speaker, and magnetic presence expert who combines her background in business, marketing, communications, military, healing and beauty with her rare perspective on human behavior to teach interpersonal and personal skills to parents, students, teens, women, men, and high-profile business executives alike. She is a sought-after expert on issues such as self-esteem, inner beauty, outer beauty, and owning your magnetic presence.

Erin will help you explore and release the inner pain and blockages that are keeping you from living a life of fulfillment and love. As an empath, Erin is capable of feeling deeply repressed emotions and areas of your life that you may not be aware of are holding you back.  Through a blend of storytelling, empathic listening, integrated energy healing and authentic connecting, she offers skills, tools, and practical guidance to entertain, educate and empower you to clear stagnant energy, restore your physical and emotional bodies to full health creating a lifelong love affair with yourself.

Erin balances her positive work environment with education, family, friends and creative hobbies involving travel, abstract oil painting and her fun Sparkly store on Etsy called TheFaeryShoppe. Please visit all of the inspiration and design galleries and enjoy the possibilities!

Erin looks forward to meeting you soon!

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