Hi! I'm Erin Nicole owner of Natchurale

I'm wacky and wonderful!

17 years in the industry

I have pretty much done it all...

Cut... Color...Extensions... Weddings


And in the heart of it all

I noticed what people want most is to

Lighten up!

Feel relaxed!

And look great!

No matter how many hair cuts... color... makeup sessions I did 

all people wanted was to simply FEEL stress free and happy. 


So I'm here to provide that for you.

The two things I found that created the most stress for people were...

Hair Loss ~ Curly & Unruly Hair

So here it is.


If your hair is your STRESS.

Then let us be your guest!


Now adays women wear extensions and men want more hair!

These are WACKY times

Think outside the box

Live stress free

Be ready to paint the town

Jump on board have some fun!!

It's time to FEEL like the real YOU!

You no longer have to feel embarassed about your hair holding you back.

Choose Wacky & Happy!

You deserve it!