With over 17 years in the industry Erin has pretty much done it all...

Cut... Color... GOT IT!

Extensions... Weddings... DONE IT!

But in the heart of it all and the root of the industry Erin found her calling for service.

Where people need it most!


You got it!



Erin found in her hair journey that in all her clients over the years, no matter how many hair cuts, color makeup sessions she did mostly people wanted to FEEL better.  They came to the salon mostly to have a FEELING.  She noticed that people where looking to simply FEEL RELAXED or at ease.

AND out of all the services she did there were always TWO things that people never seemed to find a solution for...

Hair Loss.

Curly and Unruly Hair.

So here it is.  The plain hard truth.

Now for the plain hard answer...


If your hair is your STRESS.

Then let us be your guest!

Choose HAPPY!

There are more people wearing some kind of hair that is "NOT" theirs than are not.

Just saying.


It doesn't matter what anyone thinks.

GUYS!  If it will make YOU. FEEL. BETTER.

Get hair.

It's time to FEEL like the real YOU!

With a head full of curls and a past in hair restoratoration and energy healing Erin has perfected her tools and techniques to manage the unmanagable and de bug the most unrully.

So if you are loosing your hair, feeling embarased or feel like your hair is holding you back?

There is no reason to feel low.

Choose HAPPY!


Natchurale provides a private and personal atmosphere with an open mind and willingness to listen.  A place to come relax or have a laugh and sip some wine, Natchurale's objective is create a calm atmosphere and a safe space to be your best you! 

Now partnering with San Diego Advanced Skincare for a full salon and spa experience!


Come check us out for a free consultation!!